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Royals Sign Sal Perez to Long-Term Extension

The Royals made a "major announcement" today, signing catcher Salvador Perez to a five-year contract, with three option years, meaning the Perez could be potentially playing in a Royals uniform til the end of President Rick Santorum's second term. Financial details have not been released yet.

The twenty-one year old Venezuelan was a kid posting a .669 OPS in low A ball just two years ago, but last year enjoyed a meteoric rise through the system with great defense and a decent bat to boot. He ended up getting 158 PAs with the Royals late in the year, hitting .331/.361/.473. His .331 batting average is the higest in franchise history for someone with at least 150 PAs, higher than George Brett, Billy Butler, higher than even Hal Morris.

Perez has also been cited for his "presence", moving grown men to tears with his uncanny ability to invoke pride, inspiration, even outstanding achievement in the field of baseball-excellence.

The best part of this announcement is it likely guarantees Jason Kendall will never again be the Royals starting catcher.

Thoughts on the deal? What kind of financial terms make sense for a young players with this kind of presence?

EDIT: 5 years, $7 million guaranteed according to Bob Dutton.