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Why Do the Saber-Terrorists Hate Us, Mommy?

Dave Cameron is the latest smug saber-terrorist to attack us. Why does he and the rest of the saber-dorks hate us? I believe he hates our way of life, hates our freedoms, hates our strength. He sees the wonderful strength of our farm system -- ranked #1 by all systems by default since after 2011 everyone stopped doing organizational rankings because we destroyed the metrics by being so awesome -- and our culture of winning, family, team-building, love, prudence, scouting, Bubba Starling and the rest of it he lashes out.

In the latest saber-attack, this basement dwelling infidel defined the Bruce Chen contract as one of the ten worst moves of the winter.

#9 – Royals Sign Bruce Chen For 2/9M

Bruce Chen is 35-years-old and has been a below average pitcher for nearly his entire career, and he showed no real signs of improvement last year – his low ERA was essentially just about preventing hits with men on base. There’s no reason to think that Chen has turned a corner at this point in his career, and he’s still just a generic #5 starter nearing the end of his career. Better pitchers than Chen had to settle for minor league contracts. Meanwhile, the Royals decided to throw money at the type of pitcher that the rest of baseball has learned isn’t worth any kind of guarantee. For a team with a limited budget, efficiency is mandatory, and this isn’t a very good way to spend 10% of their overall budget.

I demand that we show TWO Bruce Chen jokes on the jumbotron EVERY game in response to this. Don't let them win.