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Salvador Perez Has Sore Knee, Worst Nickname Ever

Salvador Perez's legendary 158 plate appearances last season have made him immune to many things -- most diseases, regression to the mean, the flaws that find most men -- but apparently they have not made him indestructible.

He of the amazing presence has a sore knee.

Perez also has the worst nickname ever.

"[Catching assistant] Jason Kendall came up and said, 'Boy, Salvy's limping a little bit coming in, he might have done something to his knee.' And I walked down and the trainers were looking at him."

(Let's leave aside the continued annoyance of Kendall for a moment.)

Really? We're going with "Salvy" here, guys? Does the stunning lack of intellectual and verbal range and variety shame us into possibly not following the exploits of these men? Or does it shame us into seeing that we are no different and equally minor, miniature, hackneyed, limited, tongue-tied, small?