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Salvador Perez Suffers Torn Meniscus, No Timetable for Return

Royals beat writers Bob Dutton and Rustin Dodd are reporting that Salvador Perez has suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee. Perez was unable to play on Tuesday and was seen on crutches earlier today. The Royals stated that they are unable to project a timetable for his return until after the operation is over.

A torn meniscus is not good, but likely not as damaging as a torn ACL. As Dodd tweeted out, KU basketball player Thomas Robinson was able to recover from a torn meniscus in two weeks. Alex Rodriguez had a torn meniscus last season, and his timetable was projected as 4-6 weeks, but his progress was slowed down by his ailing hip. Will Carroll is projecting that Perez will be out 6-8 weeks. There is simply too much unknown right now to give an accurate projection

Either way, this places the Royals in a difficult situation. A starting catching duo of Brayan Pena and Max Ramirez is not inspiring. My guess is the Royals wait until after the operation to hear the timetable on Perez. If the Royals believe Perez is going to be out for too long of a stretch to survive with Pena and Ramirez at catcher, I imagine they will acquire a veteran catcher to start the season.