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Alcides Escobar and Defensive Peak Age

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We can't talk about Alcides Escobar's value without talking about his defense. It's almost literally all he brings to the table. So is his defense going to get better? Worse?

His new contract covers his age 25-28 seasons, with club options for his age 29-30 years.

It's surprisingly how much we still get wrong when we talk about a player's "peak years." We have a very good idea when most players will hit their offensive peak, which is in their late 20s, but that's about it. Pitchers seem to hit their peak earlier, and may have peak velocity at an extremely young age.

And fielding?

Well, no one ever talks about it.

Is Alcides Escobar already past his defensive peak? Is he still going to get better? Is he likely to stay the same for the rest of his 20s?

This is something we should probably talk about.