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The Royals Having A Silent Spring: Myers, Francoeur, and Moose

Live strong. (Allan Henry-US PRESSWIRE)
Live strong. (Allan Henry-US PRESSWIRE)

The environment is weird. The players are still getting acclimated again. The competition is odd. The playing time is limited. In every way, Spring Training stats are dodgy. Hey, let's talk about them anyway!

Here's a quick look at the Royal hitters who are struggling a bit this spring :

  • Wil Myers: .278/.278/.278 in fairly limited action. The good news is that his triple slash is more symmetrical than Denzel Washington's face.
  • Irving Falu: I love me some Falu, but he's not hit well thus far, posting a .250/.308/.375 line in 42 PAs. That's not going to insert him in to the middle infield discussion.
  • Clint Robinson: C-Rob has been meh, hitting an .304 with good walks (.385 OBP) but not much power, producing just one extra base hit in 26 PAs.
  • Jeff Francoeur: .238/.250/.333. The man is playing more than just about anyone else, snagging 46 PAs. In his greatest show of leadership yet, he's intentionally holding down his performance to make Mike Moustakas feel better.
  • Mike Moustakas: .206/.270/.206 in 36 PAs. Joe Randa without the defense, batting average, or power, in other words.
  • Johnny Giavotella: .220/.238/.293 in 42 PAs. Another guy who is getting a nice chunk of PA and not doing much with it. This is why we have Getz and Yuni in our lives.
  • The Perezence: went .000/.000/.000 and then suffered a serious injury.