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What to make of Sidearmer Tommy Hottovy's Spring

Tommy Hottovy has a 0.00 ERA this Spring. Sure, it's only 8.1 innings and it is Spring Training, but here we are. What do you make of his performance?

For me, more than the 0.00 ERA, what stands out are the ten strikeouts and zero walks. He has allowed some hits (7) but the strikeouts have allowed him to kill rallies.

If you hadn't heard of Tommy Hottovy before (and we really need to figure out how is name is pronounced, does "Hottovy" rhyme with "Tommy"? relevant information in deciding if I like him or not) that probably means you aren't a diehard Red Sox fan. Drafted out of Wichita in 2004, TH spent an eternity in Portland, Maine, before earning a brief call up as a 29 year old arm in 2011.

His Major League experience is so slender there's really not much to say about it (although this is in a post discussing his slender ST performance) but it basically comes down to this: he appeared in 8 games and in one of them something really bad happened: he allowed two runs without getting anyone out. It must be odd for him to have spent all that time working his way up to being a Red Sox, only to be in a new organization a few months later, but that's the game I guess.

So what do we do with his ST performance thus far? Can he be a part of the Royal bullpen? An asset for AAA?