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Who Has Had the More Troubling Spring: Mike Moustakas or Jonathan Sanchez?

Another groundout. (James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)
Another groundout. (James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)

Really hoping this is one of those "wow, you are such an idiot" posts that we all look back on in three weeks. I can't remember the who's/whose rule this morning, so this is very awkward to write, but here goes: who's/whose Spring Training has concerned you more, Mike Moustakas's or J. Sanchez's?

  • Moose is hitting .240/.296/.360 in 53 PAs. I suppose it's my small role in the Royals universe to be the guy who asks, "why are we burning his service time?" but that's fine. Insert "he hit XXX/XXX/XXX in final XX games last year" rebuttal here.
  • The Sanchize basically hasn't pitched much in live action, totalling 8.1 IP thus far. In those innings he's been pretty ineffective, though much of it is or could be BABIP misfortune. He's allowed 13 hits and ... wait for it 5 walks, to the tune of a 9.72 ERA. He has struck out eight.

So if we fully play it out, I think Moose is overall more concerning. There's slightly more still-too-small data and he's a much bigger part of the team's future. Talk to me.