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Moore-Yost's Macbre Second Base Experimentation Gets Weirder

The next Esteban German? (James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)
The next Esteban German? (James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE)

Headline says it all: Bourgeois sees time at second base.

Um, why?

"He looks fine out there," Yost said. "He's a little long in turning two, but he's an outfielder, and his hands work and his feet work, so he can be a serviceable utility guy in that fashion."

The Royals have two backup outfielders in Bourgeois and Mitch Maier but just one backup infielder in Yuniesky Betancourt, so Bourgeois' versatility could be an asset. Bourgeois has also played third base.

Well, Bourgeois has played second base in the past. Actually, a fair amount: over 540 games in the minor leagues. So I guess this isn't totally insane.

Ned Yost is a strange one. He's showing continued interest in becoming some kind of gadget manager, with everyone on the roster playing five positions and have all kinds of flexibility. (Even though nothing really seems to be gained, other than just having people play more positions poorly, but whatever, flexibility. Yay!) At the same time, he doesn't really seem to ever actually do anything in games.

I guess Spring Training is like his seaside holiday as a working class British father from the 1950s and this is his weekend a year to show a snippet of personality and act wild.