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Is Giavotella That Much Better Than Getz?

At least Frank White is not around this year to mention is bad footwork.
At least Frank White is not around this year to mention is bad footwork.

Johnny Giavotella has basically been given the Royals 2B by Ned Yost over Chris Getz. The Royals believe that Giavotella is better than Getz. I decided to see if there is really a huge difference between the two.

Here is a look at each players 2012 ZiPS projections and how each performed in AA and AAA:

Chris Getz 0.266 0.323 0.320
Johnny Giavotella 0.271 0.320 0.384
Chris Getz 0.271 0.346 0.342
Johnny Giavotella 0.322 0.395 0.460
Chris Getz 0.304 0.407 0.397
Johnny Giavotella 0.338 0.390 0.481

Giavotella has generally hit better at all levels, especially in the power department. This can be seen in the pair's 2012 projections where their AVG and OBP are similar, but Giavotella's SLG is over 60 points higher. From what I have seen and heard, I expected a little bit more of a difference.

The other aspect of a 2B's job is fielding. ZiPS has both of their fielding abilities as average. The Fans at Fangraphs have Getz's fielding at +1 runs while Giavotella's at -3 runs. These numbers jive with what I have seen of them in person. Both are average fielders, but Getz seems to be a bit better.

For 2012, Royal fans should not expect a ton of production from the 2B position now matter who plays it. Giavotella is the better hitter with Getz being the better fielder. The Royals have been generating excitement with their youth movement. Just because Giavotella is part of that movement, don't expect huge strides over Chris Getz's production this upcoming season.