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Royals vs. Rockies Open Game Thread

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Jaime Moyer is in Rockies camp this spring. Fun facts about Jaime Moyer.

He made his MLB debut the season after Ned Yost played his last MLB season.

Yost never faced Moyer, but former Royals managers Bob Boone (1-4), Buddy Bell (0-10), and Tony Pena (2-2) have.

The year Moyer was drafted, the Royals selected Scott Bankhead in the first round. Bankhead had a decent MLB career, and has been retired for sixteen seasons.

During Jamie Moyer's senior year at St. Joseph's, Felipe Paulino was born.

The hitters that have Felipe Paulino's back today:

LF Alex Gordon

2B Yuniesky Betancourt

DH Clint Robinson

1B Billy Butler

3B Mike Moustakas

CF Lorenzo Cain

C Brayan Pena

RF Mitch Maier

SS Irving Falu

The battle for Western Kansas starts today.