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Yuniesky Vindicates Ned Yost

Yuniesky Betancourt hit his first Cactus League home run of the year, collecting two hits, and looking "awfully comfortable" at second base, turning three double plays in a 5-0 Royals victory. I believe you all owe Ned Yost an apology.



Seven Royals pitchers combined to allow just seven hits in the shutout. Felipe Paulino started with two innings, sprinkling three hits and a strikeout, while Aaron Crow struck out two in his two shut out innings. Jose Mijares, Louis Coleman, Brandon Sisk, Tommy Hottovy, and Jeremy Jeffress finished the effort.

The game moved at a brisk pace, and only five walks were issued the entire game. Cactus League Baseball: something to do before your tee time opens up.