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Mitch Maier Has Become the King of Spring Training

I was checking Mitch Maier stats this morning, fully because I am a completely normal human being with typical interests, and I noticed that he's hit extremely well in Spring Training action. His lifetime ST line is .344/.406/.553. World-view altered. I am face to face with the uncanny and I am terrified.

The highlights:

  • In 2006, Mitch's first ST, he snagged just 17 PAs, but he made the most of it, hitting .500 with a double and three triples for a .900 something slugging.
  • After some poor ST play in 2007-08, Maier rebounded with a solid 2009, slugging .547 in 66 PAs.
  • The real explosion game in 2010-11. In 2010, in 66 PAs (again) MITCH belted .475/.530/.814. This was followed up with a .513/.620/.692 triple slash in 2011.
  • This season, in 9 PAs, he's hitting .333. The man can't be stopped.

Now, there's one year we don't talk about. In 2007, Mitch had a frigid ST, hitting .000/.000/.000 in 15 PAs, evoking our discussion of how we would hit as Major Leaguers.