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Royals Pitch FX Notes for 4/10/12

Today, I am going to take a look at the Pitch FX numbers from the pitchers that have thrown so far this season.

1. All the Royals fastball speeds look similar to last season or better (Broxton, Mendoza, Herrera and Mijares). Fastball speeds quickly stabilize, so they are a good indicator of future results. Here are the values so far:

Name 2011 2012 Diff (2012-2011)
Hochevar 92.7 92.8 0.1
Chen 87.1 87.4 0.3
Sanchez 89.9 89.0 -0.9
Mendoza 90.8 91.9 1.1
Mijares 89.8 91.6 1.8
Holland 94.9 95.3 0.4
Collins 92.3 92.7 0.4
Broxton 94.0 96.1 2.1
Herrera 96.2 97.3 1.1
Crow 94.9 94.8 -0.1

2. Mijares has his fastball speeds back up to his pre-2011 levels

2008: 91.8
2009: 91.9
2010: 91.4
2011: 89.8
2012: 91.6

3. Mendoza has really began to mix his pitches up. I wonder if Bruce Chen is giving him pointers since their mix of pitches are somewhat similar.

Fastball Sinker Slider Curve Change
2011 71% 4% 9% 4% 12%
2012 27% 36% 13% 0% 24%
Chen 2011 19% 21% 29% 11% 16%

Looking through Mendoza's vertical break values, how much the ball drops from his release point, all his pitches are the same compared to the ones he threw in the past. He is just throwing his sinker more

4. Tim Collins has moved from throwing from the right edge of the pitching rubber to the left half. It is about a one foot difference as seen with this data from

Horizontal Release Point (units in feet):


Here is an image of his foot placement last year.


Here is the best image I could find of his placement this year.


5. Jonathan Sanchez continues to have problems maintaining his velocity as the game goes on.


We should start a pool on when he gets his first quality start.

6. Broxton's speed looks to be back. Hopefully there is no nose dive like the one that happened in 2011 before he went on the DL.