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Happy (Home) Opening Day and a Look at the Indians


The Royals open their home slate this afternoon against the Cleveland Indians. I've never been to an Opening Day, but I'm sure many of you have, and will likely be at the K this afternoon.

Yesterday, I touched on the Royals and their 3-3 start. Since we are all pretty much doing nothing except waiting around for today's game, here's a quick primer on the Indians.

  • Current record: 1-4
  • SB Nation Blog: Lets Go Tribe
  • 2011 Record: 80-82
  • Your outlook on the Indians: 78% of you think that the Royals are better
  • Offense: 4 runs per game. Which is somewhat high, given that their team triple slash line is .176/.290/.326
  • Hottest hitters: Shelley Duncan .294/.400/.521, Carlos Santana .211/.400/.526, Travis Hafner .267/.389/.533
  • Coldest hitters: Kasey Kotchman .095/.095/.095, Michael Brantley .059/.238/.118
  • Run Prevention: The tribe have allowed 6.20 runs per game
  • Best pitcher: Justin Masterson has a 2.77 ERA after two starts, but has also allowed two unearned runs. Ubaldo Jiminez had one good start.
  • Struggling pitchers: Chris 'Pure Rage' Perez has an ERA over 10.00, Dan Wheeler and Tony Sipp have been even worse.