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Comments by Cleveland Closer Chris Perez Guarantee Exciting End to Royals-Tribe Series


The American League Central just got vaguely interesting. Late last night, after the Indians wrapped up an 11-9 victory over the Royals, Chris 'Pure Rage' Perez posted the following on Twitter:

Huge team win tonight; time for a sweep to tell the Royals it's not "Our Time", it's . P.S. You hit us, we hit you. Period.

It was already going to be a fun game because of last night's "fight"/guys staring at each other and looking mad.

Expect the Royals to respond in kind. Ned Yost is drawing up an awful lineup as we speak. Jonathan Sanchez will be asked to start the game and aim right down the middle of the plate, which should result in multiple players being beaned. OK, I made that last part up.

Really, the Royals just need a win.