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Let's Start a Meme That Eric Hosmer Always Starts Slow

Light-tower overbite. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Light-tower overbite. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

One of my favorite random baseball discussion memes is that Mike Moustakas always struggles when he starts a season, hits a new level, begins a new week, etc. Despite not being around for very long, Moose nation has effectively passed around this talking point.

So really, nothing to worry about regarding Moose's .231/.250/.436 line. (Actually, there is nothing to worry about because it's a) just 40 PAs and b) at least he's showing some power. That line may be pretty similar to what Moose hits for a long time, just a notch higher batting average will raise everything else.)

But what about Eric Hosmer? After a great first weekend against the Angels, Hosmer has cooled off considerably. After 50 PAs, he's now the proud owner of a .182/.280/.364 line.

Both Alcides Escobar (.295) and Yuniesky Betancourt (.318) have higher OBPs than Moose or Hosmer.

(Surprise surprise, OBP is an issue for the Royals team-wide, as only Butler and Quinitero have healthy OBPs, and the latter's won't last long. The team's OBP is now just .301.)

So, I'm starting this one today: nobody worry about Hosmer. He always struggles when the season starts. He's like Mark Texiaieixieidiwsiwia in that way! A great glove man who always starts slow. He'll be just fine. He has some innate quality that makes him struggle in this way, but it's actually ok because it's just his innate quality and so you can't complain.

If we're going to be random, let's just embrace it.