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Royals Find New Ways to Lose, Fall 4-3

Game Highlights Notes:

  • Escobar hit a home run scoring Mitch Maier in the bottom of the 3rd.
  • Gordon got picked off/caught stealing going from 2B to 3B on an attempted double steal and Yuni some how didn't end up on 2nd.
  • Sanchez was effectively inefficient again. 2 Runs Allowed in 5 innings.
  • Frenchy hit into two double plays.

I have just had it with Ned's backwards thinking/tinkering as manager.

Situation 1. Bottom of the 7th. Herrera gives up a single and strikes out Austin Jackson. Mijares, a left handed pitcher, is brought in to face Boesch, a left handed pitcher. Here are the career splits for each:

Mijares (FIP, K/BB)
vs LHH: 4.14, 3.0
vs RHH: 5.32, 1.3

Boesch (AVG, OBP, SLG)
vs LHP: .323/.379/.465
vs RHP: .252/.311/.421

While Mijares does better against LHH, Boesh actually has a reverse career split. If Herrera was done, then this match-up is a wash with neither having the advantage. OK, fine.

Now Miguel Cabrera is up. A top 5 hitter in the game. Miguel's numbers:

Cabrera (AVG, OBP, SLG)
vs LHP: .313/.427/.556
vs RHP: .317/.384/.555

Mijares had no reason being in there right then. Now. Bring in a RHP to face Cabrera. Like Louis Coleman who was brought in later in the same inning.

Coleman (FIP, K/BB)
vs LHH: 6.19, 1.3
vs RHH: 3.79, 3.5

Your team is up by one run, a runners is on base, the team is on a 6 game losing streak and two of the top 10 batters are do up. A manager needs to do everything in his power to stop the other team from scoring, except Ned didn't. Cabrera gets a hit and then Fielder gets a hit. Add in a wild pitch and the Royals are down 1 run.

It may seem like one game, but the games add up. Ned needs to make the right calls for this team to have any chance.

Another problem is that this was just one example of Ned not taking full advantage of the situation. He pinch runs for Butler with Getz while Yuni is on 2B. Yuni is the slower of the two. Why not pinch run for Yuni and keep Butler's bat in the lineup? Why in the world did he call for the double steal with Gordon?

Yost is at least the "winningest" Royals manager in the last 15 years.

Winning % with Royals
Yost: 0.430
Hillman: 0.423
Bell: 0.399
Pena: 0.410
Muser: 0.424

The more things try to change, the more they stay the same.