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Official Game Thread - Game XV - The Blue Jays of Toronto Versus The Royals of Kansas City

A week ago, the then three-game losing streak had us vaguely fearful that perhaps our privately guarded more optimistic hopes for a season in which the Royals were playing games in September while not having been mathematically eliminated from contention were hopes best qualified as bullish.

Today, it feels as if years have passed. A shame has washed over all of us; the simple fact that our ego and superego weren't able to beat down our id when it was fostering the faintest glimmer of hope at the season's onset has left us. The wide-eyed innocents of yesterday are the converts to the Religion of McKinney today.

A week ago, our concern had been raised, but each loss of this now nine-game skid has felt like its own individual lifetime. Now, we are bereft of hope. 1989's collaborative venture of Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby has relevance to our lives. Henley's words reflect a malaise we now find ourselves in. Our pallid complexion belies more than simple basement dwelling. The passing of time that these nine games have felt like has left us all wondering if eight years and two terms of a Reagan presidency has passed since last the Royals experienced a victory. Hopefully we can parlay this loss of innocence into sweet-talking our squeeze into a little afternoon delight in a meadow without having to later enlist and go to war...

Don Henley - The End Of The Innocence by jpdc11