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Comeback Falls Short, Royals Lose 4-3, Losing Streak at 12

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Game Notes

  • Maier had a good game. 3-4 with 2 RBIs and nice catch in CF
  • Collins is back to throwing a bunch of balls. He only threw 1 first strike pitch to the 6 batters he faced.
  • Sanchez was his normal self, crap. 4.2 innings. 115 pitches. 7 walks. 1 HBP. All 4 of his earned runs were from a batter he walked or hit. 11 (of 25) on first strike pitches. It is like Kyle Davies, but worse.
  • Ned Yost was himself also. Sanchez walks the first batter in the 5th on 4 pitches. Then he strikes out Choo on 6 pitches. Sanchez walks another batter. Nothing from Ned. Sanchez walks another batter. Still nothing from Ned. Sacrifice Fly. Ned continues to watch Sanchez flail. Double and 2 runs. Now it is time to pull Sanchez, about 3 batters too late.