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Bryce Harper Is Not Good Right Now

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I mean, yeah, he's awesome. His middle name is Aron. Cool.

Last season he hit .256/.329/.395 in AA. This year, in AAA basically because he's famous, he's hit .250/.333/.375. Sure, it's a tiny sample, but it's still .250 with no mediocre power.

I live in DC and I'm watching his debut because, well, why not, but I just don't understand this move. Nationals GM Mike Rizzo is one of the weirder GMs in the game. They've done some things well, they've made some odd moves. And look, he's a former Brave wizard too. This is like Dayton Moore prematurely calling up Eric Hosmer, only a year earlier. Why?

Now, I'm not one of these folks that hate Bryce Harper, who think he's a jerk, or a d----e or whatever. This is not unique amongst athletes or young men, or men. Have you ever walked down the street? And honestly, I don't care. I will never hang out with Bryce Harper. I just don't think he's ready to be a helpful Major League player right now.

Anyway. I guess it is cool. He's 19. He'll probably be good in three years. Anyway.