Royals Review TV Episode 4: Previously on Kansas City Royals Baseball...

RoyalsRetro created some great work that I felt needed to be adapted to the big screen. Here is my attempt:

Royals Review TV #4: Previously, on KCRB.... (via gilgour42)

You will see some faces from today, and a chilling reminder of the past. Treachery, deceit, love, lust, crushed hopes, and fulfilled dreams...Kansas City Royals Baseball has it all. We are looking for advertisers so we can launch our network full time. If you have any leads, please forward them to tito42. How many more words do I need until this counts as a Fan Post? Not quite enough yet. As long as it took me to produce this video, I really would like to simply be able to link it up as a post and not a shot. Alas, the plight of a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem. How about those Royals? Nice win today. Go Sanchez! Would love a series win against those Angels and that Pujols guy.

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