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Alex Gordon is Going to Have a Low Batting Average for the Next Few Days


The headline is not a call to action, not a cri de coeur, nor a compliant. It's merely a statement of fact and a reminder to us all not to freak out. Despite his breakout 2011 campaign, and despite his new long-term contract with the club, I still feel this odd protectiveness towards Alex Gordon. Perhaps this is simply a manifestation of that. But look, he's going to have an ugly batting average for awhile.

Gordon went 0-13 this weekend in Anaheim, though thanks to a walk he did manage at least something. His triple slash line is .000/.071/.000. Not the start he would have liked, but the start that he was given by fate nonetheless. Those games are over, the Royals won two of them anyway, and it is what it is. For the next week or so, maybe longer, Gordon's batting average is going to be ugly. We're going to see it every day and it's going to look bad every time. If Gordon goes 2-4 tonight, he'll raise his average to .117. If he goes 2-4 on Tuesday, he'll be up to .191. It's going to take some time to get above .200.

And just between us Gordon supporters, there is certainly the possibility that Gordon's batting average stays relatively low all season long. He's a lifetime .260 hitter at the Major League level, which includes last year's .303. But with walks, power, and good defense, he can still be a valuable contributor to the team.

So let's just settle in and soldier on. Gordon's going to be fine. Hopefully.