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Horrible Batting Lines Update


The Royals are currently 9th in the American League in runs per game at 4.06.

Here are some of the offensive lowlights:

  • Eric Hosmer: .174/.237/.319 (156 PAs)
  • Jeff Francoeur: .248/.304/.350 (148 PAs)
  • Humberto Quintero: .232/.280/.362 (75 PAs)
  • Brayan Pena: .238/.262/.333 (65 PAs)

So basically, on any given night, a third of the lineup contributes nothing. And sure, one of those is catcher, so LOLS but what of 1B and RF? I've pretty much given up on any accountability regarding Francoeur, and have been asking that Hosmer be demoted for weeks now. Not sure what else there is to say.

Then we have only slightly better input from CF, SS & 2B. Alcides Escobar is one of the team's better hitters! Given that Moose, Gordon and Butler aren't really elite hitters either, it's a miracle the Royals are as high as 9th. Yay horrible new deadball era!