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Mitch Maier Writes Home From Baseball Summer Camp (5.18.12)


Dere Mom & Dad,

I am sorry for not righting home earlier. We have had SO many games and we have been going on lots of trips. Did you pay for this month of games? Aprel was really fun. I was playing lots and even pitched in that game after I hit the home run. But then I think that coach thought I wasn't around any more.

My friend Jarod came back to the team. At first I was happy because he is real nice and we used to talk on the bench last season during games. But then coach made us race and the winner would get to play in center win this other guy was hurt. I have been trying to get faster but then when I did one of the pitchers saw me and said 'Run Forest"" so now I don't.

We have had some good games. A few days ago we had this big rally and the coach put me in the game. But then before could hit he took me out. But I did score a run, and that's all that matters. This one time I really wanted to play in a game so I walked to the bullpen were the pitchers are. But since I did it during the game the coach got mad and said it wasn't honoring the game and that I wasn't one. Did he see me pitch?

I thoght there was a rule that you had to play sometimes. But this other coach said that practicing counts. I really want to see the Avengers one of these days.

There are so many teams. I can't belief some of their names. I try to learn them all and think of new logos they should have. There is this one called the Oreos, but it is a bird? I am also prakticing my autograph. I would hate to be on a team that had ugly colors, because then you would have to wear them all day. Haha

Can I have a gun when I am older? I really want to learn how to hunt. Lots of guys on the team talk about it and it sounds fun. I now we can't hunt in the parking lot behind our apartment, but it sounds so fun.

I learned the name of another player today. Elcidez. I had heard him called something before, but I never understood it and we had never talked. But then we were getting onto the bus and he was looking for his keys and the coach made it stop and told everyone to look. So I was able to learn it then.