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Royals Defeat Diamondbacks Behind Butler, Moustakas, and Chen

A nice win tonight, to be sure. This is how it is supposed to work for the Royals: some big hits from Billy Butler and one of the young ingenues, decent starting pitching, and the standard issue four relievers to get through three innings okey-doe to end the game.

  • Virtual Chensanity tonight: 8 hits allowed, along with two walks, in just 6.1 innings. But the Diamondbacks left a zillion guys on base, had a guy thrown out at home, and grounded into two double plays. It was enough.
  • The Royals had 11 hits, with -- and it seems like this happens regularly -- the bottom of the order doing much of the work. Another two hits for Escobar tonight, who I'm more confident in at the plate than Hosmer at this point, along with a randomly good night from Brayan Pena.
  • Although the lead, though not the one I've divided into, was the homers of Butler and Moustakas.
  • Quietly, Gordon is crashing again.
  • What's the franchise record for strikeouts in a season? I feel like Francoeur could threaten it.
  • I like the bullpen so much better with a functioning Holland around.
  • Is Jose Mijares good? If Yost had to choose between using Collins and Mijares, who would he choose? Tough.
  • Willie Bloomquist will be a Royal again, I know it.