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Fan Support For Dayton Moore Remains Strong

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Earlier this week, I asked RR readers if they would hire Dayton Moore again. Although I have my own thoughts on the matter -- which certainly slanted the propositional piece I wrote -- I was mostly interested to hear what other fans thought. Well, here are the results:

After 751 votes, 58% of you would hire Dayton again.

In the early stages of the voting, from Sunday night through about midday on Monday, the results were very close to 50/50. Over time however, the "Yes" crowd began to pull away, giving Dayton a healthy, though not huge victory.

Six years later, 42% of Royals fans in this one result feel like, to some extent, the hiring of Dayton Moore hasn't been worth it. That's not exactly parade worthy. One the other hand, Moore still appears to have a large base of support, despite a real lack of results at the Major League level. We're either extremely patient, have very low standards, really love minor league rankings, or some combination of all three.

(Then again, the question I posed was only, "would you hire him again?" which allows for many shades of support, many quite weak.)

Among the commentariat, there's certainly acceptance of the Moore regime. Forget mainstream media critics, I struggle to find even bloggers that out and out want Moore gone. Rany's been critical at times, the boys at Royals Authority have been critical at times, Neyer's certainly been critical, but I don't recall any overt "Moore must go" statements.

So I guess we're all satisfied.