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Yankees and Will Smith Ruin Will Smith's Debut

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Game Notes:

  • It was not a good night for Will Smith in his MLB deput. In 3.1 IP, he allowed 5 Runs on 6 Hits (3 HRs), 1 Walk and 1 K. Welcome to the bigs kid with your 13.50 ERA. Those 5 runs were all the Yankees needed. The Yankees got 2 more hits, 6 more walks, 1 ROE and 2 HBP which some how only led to 3 more runs against the bullpen.
  • Butler and MITCH both went yard for the Royals.
  • Hosmer had 3 hits, 2 infield and the other a bloop single. Maybe a chance for him to break out of slump. Maybe.
  • Moose just missed having 4 Ks (come backer to the pitcher in the 9th saved him) after Dyson accomplished the feat last night.
  • Pettitte rolled with 8 K and 1BB.
  • While it is not always the case, but guess which team won: The one that allowed 7 walks while striking out 5 batters OR the team that only walked 1 batter and struck out 10. I wonder.