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Moustakas Receives The Quickening, Royals Put Down Highlanders

Man or Astro-man? (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Man or Astro-man? (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Accompanied by a righteous Queen soundtrack and a Spanish guide with a Scottish brogue, the Royals and Highlanders faced off as The Gathering drew them together. While one could reasonably have assumed that the mysterious new guy in the clubhouse could have in fact been the dark horse candidate for the last one left standing, the man whose outstretched hands received the final Quickening was young (or perhaps simply young-looking) Mike Moustakas.

With his extra-terrestrial origins serving as a possible explanation for his preternatural ability to absorb shocking complex concepts in all fields of study, Moustakas stepped forth from the fray a man amongst boys. His first blow against the titans of baseball came in his first step up to the plate, where he summarily crushed a pitch from the first-time hurler David Phelps, a lad so unprepared for the task at hand that he could do little else than gaze blankly at the ball he'd once thrown as it hurtled out of the park, straight-away, having been perfectly squared up by the Grecian demigod.

Having already plated two more runs with a swift and steady stroke in the fifth, Michael lifted the entire team up atop his broad shoulders, cleanly fielding a ball skittering across the grass with The Privileged Mr. Jeter skipping toward home plate representing the tying of the score, crisply unfurling that ball toward its final destination--that of an outstretched glove of one Messianic first baseman--recording the final out of the ballgame.

Immediately upon completion of the game, the air grew electric. The stadium lights began to fluctuate. Everything went dark for a split second. Then lightning began to explode forth from the lights of the stadium, the gigantic scoreboard, the television equipment. Moustakas stood atop the pitcher's mound, arms reaching toward the sky, and welcomed all of the knowledge and power that the world had to offer. Lifted aloft by The Quickening, Moustakas absorbed more and more charge from the surrounding electromagnetic field before all the gifts the world had to offer filled him to the brim and left him in a sweaty heap at the center of the ballpark.

A hush fell over the awestruck crowd.

Moustakas looked up, steely-eyed.

The crowd roared and young Moustakas struck up a congratulatory psychic conversation with his Scottish-accented Spanish master as Roxanne Hart came rushing to his side.