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Royals Had a Winning Record in May, Did It Mean Anything?

CLEVELAND, OH - Unbelievable leadership. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - Unbelievable leadership. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

So, thanks to their dramatic final turn of the Cleveland series, the Royals ended up with a winning record for the month of May. They went 15-13 in the fifth month's games, a nice result after a disastrous start. In fact, as you likely know, after starting 3-14, the Royals have gone 18-14. As Rany noted last night, the Royals are also now 16-11 on the road.

Does this mean anything?

First of all, a monthly split is, inherently, simply an arbitrary marker. There's no meaningful difference between a baseball game on June 1 and one on May 30. Similarly, a monthly split that ran from May 2- June 2, or May 15-June 15, would be equally instructive. It's 30 odd games. Last year, the Royals had one winning month, April, when they went 14-12. In 2010, they had zero, but snagged two in 2009, going 12-10 in April and 15-13 in September (which was followed by an 0-3 October). Going further back, the 2008 Royals had two winning months, going 16-11 in June and 18-8 in September.

But these were all, in essence, bad teams, and they all, in reality, had more losing months than winning ones. But the vagaries of the schedule and the randomness of results and sure, some notion of collectively playing well or poorly, spit out all kinds of monthly results.

But, as a narrative, a winning May fits into something hopeful. Yes, the team started poorly, but look, things are getting better, things are coming together, the future looks bright.

You tell me, does it mean anything?