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Francoeur Charm Offensive Continues


According to video, Jeff Francoeur tossed fans in the Frenchy Quarter a signed ball and a $100 dollar bill last night. This is now part of Francoeur's playbook, as earlier in the season he ordered pizza for fans in Oakland.

Francoeur's salary for 2012 is $6 million dollars, and he's earned well over $12 million playing baseball thus far. So, to be perfectly honest, this is like one of us giving a three year old a quarter to buy skittles from a machine. This wasn't exactly a Cross of Gold Speech Part 2 moment of plains populism here.

But still, nice. He's going to make it hard to look into his crazy eyes and be critical, isn't he?

The real question is why he couldn't give Mitch Maier some extra money to buy another notepad to write home.