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Still Good: Alex Gordon

After a dreadful start, Alex Gordon has pulled his season stat line all the way up to respectability. Gordon now sports an .811 OPS (OPS+ of 125) and a .273/.365/.445 line. He leads the team with 16 walks and is second to Moose (!) in OBP.

After eight games Gordon was hitting .133/.235/.233. In the 20 games since, he's hit .325/.413/.525. Since April 21, Yost has hit him in the #2 spot in the lineup, which is better than #5 or #7, but still less than ideal. Oh well, I'm not going to riot about it. Dyson's got his OBP up to .340 on batting average alone, so I guess we're moderately OK.

Gordon is always going to have his low batting average periods. What his month of strong play has now bought him is time. It's now less likely that that somebody calls into sports radio anytime soon and says, "we're paying this guy millions of dollars a year to hit .250 at the top of the lineup!"

I'm still a little amazed that this whole Alex Gordon thing worked out. But it has.