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Royals Win Late on Butler's Late Blast

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This game looked to be similar to several other games the Royals have experienced this season. The game was close throughout with neither team being up by more than 2 runs. Games like this one the Royals usually end up losing because of something stupid like 2 hit batters with the bases loaded. Ned Yost was doing his part to generate as many outs as possible (Quintero SB, Getz bunt, Escobar-Frenchy squeeze).

With 2 on and no outs in the bottom of the 8th, it just seemed like Butler was going to bunt. In the same situation one inning before, the batter (Getz) was told to lay down a bunt. Maybe Butler was told to bunt and ignored the team. I am not sure. Whatever it was, he air mailed a no-doubter out of the park. Yost did some horribly stupid stuff during the game which could/should be examined. I will though just enjoy the win tonight because a Billy Butler 8th-inning game winning blast. These type of games rarely seem to happen. I will bask in it until tomorrow's game puts my panties is a wad. See you then.