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Royals Win 4-3 to Take Series Against the Red Sox


Game Highlights:

  • The Royals jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the 1st inning on a couple of fielding blunders by the Red Sox. With 2 outs Butler walked and Frenchy single. Then Giavotella hit a pop up that bounced off of Byrd's glove that scored Butler. Then Ross fumbled a ball in the outfield that bounced off the outfield wall for a hit scoring Frenchy and Gia.
  • Adrian Gozalez hit a bases loaded double in the 3rd to tie the game.
  • The Royals got the only other run of the game on doubles by Falu and Escobar in the 4th.
  • Bruce Chen was effective for a Royals stater. 6.2 innings, 5 Ks, no BB. He got his all important first win of the season.
  • Falu looked decent to good at 3B.
  • Gordon saved a run in the ninth with a beautiful diving catch
  • Dyson's SLG (0.340) > Frenchy's SLG (0.333).
  • Mike Aviles had the opportunity to put a hurting on his old team, but was 0-3 with runners in scoring position.
  • Falu was sent in the 8th to score at home, but was out at home by at least 3-4 steps.