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Mendoza Out Duels Greinke, Royals Win 2-1

Those are two, no-doubt, first ballot Hall of Famers.
Those are two, no-doubt, first ballot Hall of Famers.

I don't think many fans expected a pitching duel when they saw tonight's match up, but that is what they got. The only runner Greinke allowed to score was the first batter he faced (an Alex Gordon HR). The only run allowed from Mendoza was the last batter he faced (Ramirez came around to score after being walked). The Royals were able to get the games only other run off of Fransico Rodriguez in the 8th. It was a nice win by the Royals to break a 4 game losing streak.

Game highlights

  • Mendoza threw 6 no-hit innings. He allowed his first hit in the 7th inning when Braun hit a grounder to Moustakas. Then the Royals committed 2 errors (Moose and Getz) that led to Braun going to 3B. I believe the error should have been given to Hosmer. He could have easily left the bag, took one step and made the catch.
  • Alex Gordon threw out Ryan Braun at home when Braun tried to score on a fly ball .
  • Medoza's line: 4K, 2 BB, 1 HBP, 1 H, 1 R
  • Greinke's line: 8K, 0 BB, 6 H, 1 R
  • Gordon and Frenchy both had 2 hits.
  • Broxton had to make the 9th exciting. Only 12 of the 23 pitches he threw were strikes. The man lives luck alone.