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Royals Lose Winning Streak With Bad Defeat from Oakland

Commence Luke Hochevar complaining in 3...2...1.

  • I don't lose sleep over Hochevar anymore. This is who he is. Today was his 107th career start and really, this is how things have been since, oh, 2009. He's always going to have ok peripherals and worse results. He's been consistently ineffective with men on base. He went 4.2 today, walked three, allowed five hits, including two triples. His ERA is now 6.63. If his name wasn't Luke Hochevar, he would have been in AAA a month ago. He's Kyle Davies without the personality.
  • Another three error game from the Royals. I don't use errors to gauge defensive quality overall, they're more recordings of individual bad plays. From the beginning the Dayton Moore schtick in the press is that "well, the Royals may be bad, but it isn't a trash fire anymore." Teams that make errors constantly usually catch opprobrium in the press. But this has always been Royals ball under Moore: we walk the other team, make errors, and give away outs on the bases. And lose. I don't know why Mellinger isn't leading more of a charge here. Did he have some deathbed meeting with Poz and Joe Paterno where he vowed to play nice?
  • Lot's of wasted offense today, wasted both by the Royals (who only plated three runs) but also in a game in which the Royal pitching staff got blown up.