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Royals Fall Again to Pirates

Good job, good effort.

  • Our Royals led 3-0 tonight headed into the bottom of the 4th, and then things fell apart. The inning began with a walk, then a HBP, then a single, then a single, then some weird play, then a single, then two run scoring ground outs. Pretty much the softest 5 runs you'll ever see. But hey, why should we expect to beat the mighty Pirates? Then again, allowing 5 runs in an inning is no biggie for Mazzaro, in fact, it's pretty good for him.
  • What the heck happened with the defense in that inning? What the heck has happened to our defense generally?
  • Two walks from Gordon tonight. He's still alive!
  • Yuni homered. He's a gift.
  • Two more hits from Hosmer, including a double. The long road back continues.
  • In the end, only three innings tonight from Mazzaro.