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Trying to Hit HRs with Ryan Howard


I was asked by State Farm to participate with other local media in a "Home Run" derby with the Boys and Girls Club. I was teamed up with Kendall and we waited our turn. I didn't know for sure how tough the competition would be, but it was not tough. One reporter hit the tee further than the ball. I was able to get 5 of my 10 chances to go for a home run and Kendell got one too. Ryan Howard was there to give the kids some tips and laugh at the media. Here are some pictures and a video of the event.

Kendell was a smasher.


Time to critique away.

Picking my ear after my turn.


Big check time.


Some Other sights from Fan Fest

Selig was alive and kicking it with the Ripken Brothers.


Jim Palmer's Cy Youngs and Gold Gloves go on sale today at Fan Fest.


Frenchy does have some dreamy eyes


I guess this is one way to get the World Series trophy back into Kansas City.


The Royals affiliated caps in the minor league area. One of the better exhibits at the show IMO.