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What's in the Box Score?

I like box scores. Starting my day by just perusing through the previous day's baseball games with a cup of coffee is unquestionably one of my favorite things. With the advent of so many great websites, the old box score has kind of been pushed by the side, and for good reason. So, I figure I'd take a look at an old Royals box and see what we could find.

This comes from a game played on June 6th, 1991.


There are lots of things going on here. Lets dive in.

  • Yes, this game went 18 innings. It took 6 hours and 28 minutes. The Royals had also previously played an 18 inning game against the Texas Rangers on My 17th, 1972 which Kansas City lost 4-3.
  • The manager was Hal McCrae and he was ejected in the 12th inning for bum ping umpire Dale Scott during an argument which was precipitated by three straight close calls at third which went against his team.
  • Hal lead off with his son Brian who went 1-for-7 with a walk and who came into the game hitting .226/.271/.351.
  • George Brett went 4-for-6 and had 3 walks. Notice that in this box score there is no mention of walks anywhere.
  • In the bottom of the 9th, down by a run, Carmelo Martinez hit a solo home run to deep left field to tie the game.
  • Also, who in the hell is Carmelo Martinez? That's a name I don't ever recall. He had a decent career with an OPS+ of 108 during his 9 year career.
  • Martinezcarmelo_medium


This box score is kind of the beginning of the end. George Brett was hitting in the .250 range. At the end of the season Danny Tartabull would sign a free agent contract with the Yankees and even appear on Seinfeld. Brett Saberhagan would be traded in December to the Mets. Both Mark and Storm Davis appeared in this game as well.

It was as if this one night, everything about the Royals was on display. The last fleeting glimpses of a fading star, the bright young future being sent along to New York. A last ditch effort by an aging owner to win with players who had been somebody at some point.

The Royals did find a way to win in the 18th inning. Kevin Seitzer lead off with a single, Brent Mayne walked and then Kurt Stillwell laid down a bunt. Fortunately, pitcher Kenny Rogers over threw the shortstop allowing the Royals to score the winning run.

At the moment, I imagine Royals fans could squint their eyes at the three young players who brought home the victory and could see a new youth movement. Guys who just might be able to continue the proud winning tradition of Kansas City baseball. That surely, with Ewing Kauffman as the owner they would value winning above all else and that nothing could change that. Just look at how they pulled out this victory!

- Nick Scott