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Game 86 Open Thread: Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royals

Jake Peavy (7-5, 2.85 ERA) vs Luke Hochevar (6-8, 5.15)

Peavy is the second straight White Sox pitcher with an ERA under three whose periphal stats suggest he is due for regression the second half of the season. Peavy has a 3.21 FIP, 3.52 xFIP and a 3.57 SIERA; all good numbers, but not as strong as his ERA.

It's fairly incredible the season Peavy is putting together. Along with fellow teammate Adam Dunn, Peavy is a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. The right-handed starter has 2.9 fWAR this season, his highest total in a season since he accumulated 6.1 fWAR for the Padres in 2007. Peavy, Dunn and Alex Rios and A.J Pierzynski are three veterans who have drastically exceeded expectations and have helped the Chicago White Sox to their surprising 3.5 game lead in the Al Central.

Luke Hochevar takes the mound for the Royals, and future Cardinal great Chris Getz returns to the lineup. Ned Yost also says the entire bullpen is available tonight after last nights marathon.