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All-Star Week - A Recap


It was undoubtedly the biggest week for the Royals and Kansas City as a baseball town since 1985.

I'm a lifelong Kansas Citian and an unabashed homer for my city. But I don't think I'm going overboard when I say everyone associated with All-Star Week put on a helluva show.

Tons of credit goes to George Brett, who served as All-Star Ambassador and was everywhere during the week. To Mayor Sly James who was KC's number one cheerleader on Twitter and just about everywhere else. To Trevor Vance and the Royals grounds crew who made the stadium shine. To Bob Kendrick who was on point for the Negro League Museum, gaining invaluable national exposure for our treasure.

And most importantly, to thousands of volunteers who were friendly, cheerful and helpful.

It was a pleasure to document it all at Royals Review. Here are some links to help you relive the week:

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