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How long do we have to suffer this incompetence?

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I want to admit two things:

1. I was really happy with the Melky Cabrera for Jonathan Sanchez deal.

2. I was completely wrong and I should have known better.

I should have taken more stock when Giants fans were dancing in the aisles at the news that they had unloaded one of their starting pitchers. I was warned by a Giants fan on Twitter about how many base runners Sanchez allows. I kind of brushed it off and thought, well at least he's not Kyle Davies. I was right, he is no Davies, he's worse.

Remember long ago in 2011, when fans, media and then management had enough, ENOUGH! of Kyle Davies? His dismal performance had finally reached the point where trying someone, anyone in his stead was worth a try? That was after his 13th start, a decent 6 inning, 6 strikeout, 1 earned run performance in Fenway park. It was actually his best start of the season.

After that start, he had a season stat line of:

61.1 IP, 6.75 ERA, 1.793 WHIP, 3.8 BB/9, 7.3 K/9, 12.3 H/9

There was little, if any outcry to give him one more chance. The Royals needed pitchers who could get batters out and Kyle Davies was not doing that. They cut ties with him and moved on. They continued with a rotation of Hochevar-Chen-Francis-Paulino-Duffy. They were a better team for it.

After last nights debacle, Sanchez has posted 12 starts in a Royal uniform. He's been downright Davies-esque.

53.1 IP, 7.76 ERA, 2.044 WHIP, 7.4 BB/9, 6.1 K/9, 11.0 H/9

In fact, I apologize to Kyle Davies, he was much better in 2011 than Sanchez is in 2012. I'd be happy to replace Sachez with Davies right now, wherever he may be. Sanchez is averaging more than two base runners every inning. His pitching is absolutely atrocious and ranks above only Nick Blackburn this season, who is plying his trade in Rochester for the Red Wings. That makes Sanchez the worst active starting pitcher in the American League.

Not coincidentally, the Royals are one of the worst teams in the American League. But let's not blame that all on Sanchez that'd just be piling on. He shares a dugout with three of the worst hitters in the AL this season in Yuniesky Betancourt, Jeff Francoeur and Eric Hosmer.

I listened to a fool yesterday opine on how Alex Gordon is a major problem on this Royals team. It's asinine. The issue with this team is its obsession with acquiring and then playing the least productive players in professional baseball. It's time to replace Sanchez and his ilk with different players. It's almost statistically impossible that somebody else would be worse.

- Nick Scott