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Catching Up With The Royal Universe

My reaction when learning of the Sanchez trade. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
My reaction when learning of the Sanchez trade. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
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Good morning... It's been awhile.

Thanks to the gang for holding down the virtual fort in my absence. It seems every time I sneak away for a few days, some crazy things happen to the Royals.

Last week was no different...

-- Jason Kendall signs a minor league contract.

I'm not troubled by this. He's a coach. And he's probably a good one. Then I saw some sort of nonsense where he plans on 10 games at Double-A, 10 at Triple-A and then he's back in the bigs. Uhhhh... What?

Kendall can hang in Northwest Arkansas all he wants. He can spend the rest of his summer in Omaha for all I care - I hear the zoo is great. But he damn well better never, ever darken the doorstep of The K as a player. My gut tells me this won't happen. Again, he's with the Naturals more as a player/coach, emphasis on the latter. But as many of you pointed out, the Royals and Dayton Moore have done absolutely nothing to earn our trust in this matter.

-- Jeremy Guthrie for Jonathan Sanchez.

Sometimes, I don't understand how general managers operate. Take Colorado. They go to some crazy four man rotation scheme where they cap pitches and then go out and not only acquire Sanchez, they give the Royals something for him. Hmmmm.

My reaction was one of shock when I learned the Royals got something in return. It just boggles the mind. Sanchez hasn't been a decent pitcher for three seasons. Wow. In a good way.

If we're ever on the lookout for a GM who is worse than GMDM, I'll begin by looking west.

-- Loved the Negro League unis the teams wore on Saturday. In the past, we've come down hard on the Royals for being parsimonious with the old school unis. They came through and deserve some credit for that. Besides, I need to buy that hat.

-- Lorenzo Cain? Lorenzo Cain!

I just cross my fingers the dude can stay healthy. But I'm getting excited by a Gordon/Cain/Myers outfield. It just feels like the odds are long that will happen anytime soon.

-- Sal Perez was hitless on Saturday. For only the third time in 21 games since he returned. He's good.

-- Luis Mendoza has whiffed 24 batters in his last 27 innings. And has allowed just one home run in that stretch.

-- Exactly when did Ned Yost figure out it pays to get your best hitters the most plate appearances? And when did he learn the way to do this is to stack them at the top of the order?

-- Ballgame today: Guthrie makes his Royals debut. I suggest you follow his Twitter feed. Sometimes, he needs someone to play catch.