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Royals Lose. Again. World Is Shocked.

Forearms. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE
Forearms. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-US PRESSWIRE

The Royals got shut down by Roger Clemens and the New York Yankees today, by the score of 9 - 2. For his part, Royals hurler Odalis Perez went seven innings. They weren't seven good innings, but when the rotation is this underwhelming, seven innings is a godsend. Perez gave up four earned on eight hits and three walks while striking out just one. Ryan Braun came in in the eighth, recording four outs and working through an easy one-hit inning before ceding three base runners, all of whom would come around to score once Jimmy Gobble was brought in and had the defense commit two errors in his support.

The Royals bats were unable to muster much in the way of offense, collecting just five hits and drawing nary a walk en route to scoring a scant two runs. Ross Gload did EXPLOAD for his third home run of the season off of the sure HOFer Roger Clemens. The Royals wanted to avoid scoring runs so badly that their second run was not even driven in, as Mark Grudzielanek scored on a wild pitch in the fourth.

The loss drops the fourth-place Royals to twelve games under .500 and 16.5 games out of first.

Wait, it's not July 23, 2007? It's 2012? And The Royals are actually 15 games under .500?

Weren't things supposed to get better?