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Royals Fall to Last Place - Is This Rock-Bottom Yet?

-Jeremy Guthrie
"I CARE." -Jeremy Guthrie


The Royals sent just three hitters to the plate in six of the nine innings of play. If you're a "glass half full" kinda guy we had four times as many hits as last night. If you have half a brain, you'd say this offense is beyond putrid right now.

Jeremy Guthrie gave up base hits to seven of the first ten hitters he faced. So I guess all that contract extension talk is off until he can get his season ERA under nine, right? Guthrie, who I have been told is an innings-eater, pitched into the sixth inning, an amazing feat for this rotation. But hey, his body language is so much better than Jonathan Sanchez's! He cares. He is already a candidate for Royals Pitcher of the Month.

Does it even make sense to pick on Frenchy any more? He has four hits in his last 43 plate appearances. He's hitting .181/.218/.301 this month. At this point I don't even want Ned to bench him because he's hurting the offense, I want Ned to bench him so he can stop embarrassing himself.

Seattle has just 45 wins this year. Five are against us. One out of every nine of their victories. And they've only played us six times.

Seattle has scored an average of 3.9 runs per game. They are averaging seven runs per game against us.

This season has gone down the tubes in epic fashion this month. We are 6-16 this month and this looks like it will be our worst month since July of 2009 when we went 7-19. The Royals are tied for the worst record in the league, and the fourth worst record in all of baseball. Thankfully our hellish nightmare is only two years away from being over. Thank you Dayton Moore and your eight year process.