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Clearing The Links - 7.3 Edition

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Lots of good stuff around the Royal blogosphere this week, as All-Star Fever grips our fanbase. Here are some Royal links that caught our eye:

Kings of Kauffman: Billy Butler Left Out of Home Run Derby

Royal Heritage: 1967 Topps KC Killers

Royally Speaking: Dangerous

Pine Tar Press: Schaum's 2012 MLB draft for the Royals

Baseball Nation: Is Jonathan Sanchez Just One Symptom Of What Ails Royals?

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Here are a few that are non-baseball related.

Grantland: Why My Bloody Valentine's Loveless is the greatest rock album of our greatness-averse age

I enjoy this album. Nirvana was overrated.

Letters of Note: I wrote a book called THE GODFATHER

Imagine writing a masterpiece and having to sell it to one of the greatest actors in the history of film.

The Daily Telegraph: Spain’s magical team show just how far behind England have fallen in the international game

Warning: I watch soccer. And I like it. Clark says that makes me a communist. I say it makes me Euro-trash. Game Changer - NFL Scrambles to Sell More Tickets

The way we watch sports is changing. The NFL won't be the only league facing attendance issues. USATF bungles 100-meter runoff between Jeneba Tarmoh, Allyson Felix

Get your Olympics on.

The New Yorker: Will Civil War Hit Afghanistan When The U.S. Leaves?

Use Instapaper for this one.