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Possible Returns for Broxton in a Trade

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KFC tonight?  Or is it Churchs?  I can't remember.
KFC tonight? Or is it Churchs? I can't remember.

Quite a bit of talk has existed about Jonathan Broxton being moved at the trade deadline and what type of player can be expected in return. I have gone back over the last 3 years and looked at all the trades where one established closer or top setup man was traded alone for other players. I wanted to look at semi-recent trades has it seems GMs are not trading decent prospects for closers. Here are the trades I could find:

Of these 9 trades, there seems to basically be 3 types of players traded for: low-level C-rated prospects, AAAA players and Brandon Allen.

Low Level Prospects (Betancourt, Wood, Qualls and Adams trades)

These types of trades are for low minor league players without a pedigee. Not many of these have not had a chance to pan out yet. The best trade made for these type of players seems to be the haul the Padres got for Mike Adams. Erlin is the 102nd and Wieland is the 103rd ranked prospects in baseball according to John Sickels at None of the other players obtained in these trades made the list.

Fringe MLB Players (Dotel, Capps and Uehara)

In each case, the teams got players that were on the team's bench or were having problems making the MLB squad. In each case, the trade work out great for the team getting getting rid of the reliever. McDonald should have been an All-Star, Chris Davis is having a breakout season in Baltimore and Ramos has generate over 4 WAR in 3 seasons with the Nats.

Brandon Allen (Pena and Ziegler)

What is the fascination with Brandon Allen? He is going to hit a few HRs, but not enough to make up for the 35% K%. I wonder if teams think they can turn him around. Hopefully, Dayton doesn't think we need another Mike Jacobs 1B/DH.

It looks like closers and good setup men can bring in decent returns. The most productive trades were for players that were on the fringe of making or staying in the majors. The team and players available for Broxton can only be speculated on for now, but if Dayton plays his cards right, he could get a decent return for Broxton.