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Waiting, Hoping, Praying

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The Royals would like (or should like to, anyway) trade Jonathan Broxton's big pants for Justin Grimm's big hat.
The Royals would like (or should like to, anyway) trade Jonathan Broxton's big pants for Justin Grimm's big hat.

Is there anyone here that wouldn't trade Jonathan Broxton to Texas for Justin Grimm? You can enter the discussion started by BabyBlues of that juicy rumor here.

Grimm is not going to win a Cy Young and could very possibly be more Mazzaro than Meche, but he would immediately become the second best pitching prospect in the system in terms of readiness for the majors. That is a pretty good return for a closer that does not fit into the Royals' future plans and everyone in the league knows you want to trade.

Still, it's not a done deal and, for all we know, it may not even be a real deal. It's that time of year, folks.

Really, though, isn't the concern not so much what the Royals are able to get in return for any of the players on the market, but more that Dayton Moore won't make a move? Aren't we all afraid that we are going to go to lunch on Tuesday with the same 25 guys on the roster that were in the dugout for Sunday's dismal series sweep?

There are many baseball reasons that the Royals need to do something, anything, but the truth is the biggest reason for change has nothing to do with baseball.

Kansas City has two sports radio stations and both provide local programming all day. No Jim Rome, no Mike and Mike, all local. The last couple of weeks, how much Royals' talk have you heard? We already know a lot about the Chiefs right now and plenty about the upcoming college football season and it is not even August.

Any hope of David Glass opening the checkbook in a major way this off-season goes away if the Royals average 12,000 attendance per game from here on out. Right now, this team has become dismal enough to be irrelevant in their own hometown.

Some of the most dedicated Royals' fans in the world visit and comment on this site and yet many here are done with this team for another year. And I don't blame a one of you.

Dayton Moore is a Moustakas disabled list stint, Lorenzo Cain slump and another bad Jeremy Guthrie start away from complete and total disinterest and a near empty stadium. School's around the corner, football is too. There are better things to do than watch Jeff Francoeur flail and Jonathan Broxton close (no matter how 'exciting' he tends to make it).

Make a move just to get noticed, to appease the fans? It sounds wrong, but I don't believe it is. Hell, Dayton, make a bold move or at least a statement. Do something other than standing on the bridge telling us all is well as the bow of the ship slips beneath the waves.