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Stirring Patriotic Verse from Brayan Pena

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Brayan Pena arrived to the United States twelve years ago, defecting from Cuba. While most of us take principles like liberty, democracy, and freedom from granted, Brayan grew up in an enivronment where those ideas were stifled. Today, he enjoys a great life as a Major League ballplayer, and his infectious positive attitude and love for America is evident in his Twitter page. I have compiled this selection of verse from Brayan's Twitter page for you to enjoy and reflect upon today.

Thanks to all the Veterans

who helped This Country to be what it is today


Im Proud to be AN


This country gave me

Freedom ,

Hope ,

My own Family,

My Dreams,

this country is a Huge Factor in what a Real Democracy means

It is Harder to leave in cuba

for 20 years

and not having all of those you mention

before and adding to your list


While most are Dreaming of Success ,

Winners wake up and Work Hard to Achieve ,

we will be awake for a long time ,

trust me on that one

How We think

that We will change the world

if we don't Change our Self first ...

believe it we are on the way to GREATNESS

Appear WEAK when you are STRONG,

and STRONG when you are WEAK ,

if you want the RAINBOW

sometime you have to put up with the RAIN

heart and soul

that is what life is all about ,

don't let nothing or nobody try to brake you!!

Is hard to hate , American Ice-cream before you go to bed .

Have a safe and happy Independence Day, from everyone at Royals Review.