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Blue Jays Beat Royals 4-1

Where are the fireworks?
Where are the fireworks?

An American team played in Canada on the 4th of July. It was not right. The Royals were out of whack and just couldn't get much offense going.


  • Villanueva stymied the Royals by striking out 7, walking no one and scattering 4 hits over 6 innings.
  • Mendoza was decent. He struck out 9 and walked 1 in his 6 IP. All 3 of the runs he allowed came off of sacrifice flies.
  • Escobar, Moustakas and Francoeur all had 2 hits each. With Francoeur knocking home Moose for the only score.
  • Everyone on the Blue Jays got at least one hit.
  • Hacker of the Game: Moustakas seeing 12 pitches in 4 PAs